Our 4 brand new Directionals cover entry-level kiteboarders in light wind to experts in strong wind, and everyone and any conditions in between. They will also go well upwind in light and gusty winds due to their extra volume and longer planing surface. If you want to ride waves you may prefer the "surfboard" feel of a Directional. If you are used to windsurfing you may like the ease of getting in-and-out of footstraps, moving them around or simply the instant "bail out" possibility. The new straighter mid-section outline of all 4 Directional boards provides for more manoeuvrability in waves and during jibing .The further thinned down rails and deep parabolic cut out tail allow Directional to hold an edge even when overpowered. The 4 models have double fins at the tail and a set of stability fins between in the foot area.

Directional 152
The 152 is our radical Directional that holds the highest amount of rail grip in stronger winds. It makes aerial moves easy and works great in the waves. The board for experts, light weights and well powered-up conditions.

Directional 172
The 172 is on the radical side, and has a great deal of rail bite for jumps and upwind ability. The shape gives high-wind control and the straighter outline lets it stay well upwind. A board for medium weight sailors and medium to full-powered kiting.

Directional 192
The 192 gives a smooth ride, is really easy to jibe, and the deep hyperbolic tail cut-away and thin rails gives it unbelievable upwind performance. It suits medium to heavier sailors, gustier winds and can also be a good entry-level board.

Directional 202
The 202 is our entry level Directional board which can take you long into your kiteboarding career. The extra volume and surface pops the 202 up on a plane even with little power in the kite, making it more forgiving while learning or in gustier winds.

Model 152 172 192 202
Length (cm) 152 172 192 202
Width (cm) 38 41 44 47
nose/tail Scoop (cm) 8.9 / 2.1 10.4 / 2.2 11.9 / 2.8 12.6 / 2.8
Volume (liters) 15 21 24 27
+-5% Weight (kg) 3.2 3.7 4.1 4.3
Front fin (x2) CM-D 3.5 CM-D 3.5 CM-D 3.5 CM-D 3.5
Rear fin (x2) CM-D 13.5 CM-D 13.5 CM-D 15.0 CM-D 15.0

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