To design and produce the quickest, most controllable boards and kites on the planet, and put them in the hands of world class competitors.

To translate that technology into boards and kites so that everyone: men and women, juniors and seniors, - can experience the thrill of kiteboarding.

The secret to success is that there is no secret. You recruit the best - period! Hence the team of hands-on professionals that direct the Airush/Starboard Alliance are:

Keith Baxter
Native to Hawaii, with his wife Karen founded Airush, recognized as the most innovative designer of kite accessories.

Ben Serverne
An Australian sail designer since age twelve, whose mathematical gifts allow him to write his own sail and kite design software to back his cutting, sewing and testing skills.

Jimmy Lewis
The well known gifted board designer, whose sailboards and kiteboards are ridden by the world's top professionals, is delivering a new line of twelve kite boards. These shapes are built under the supervision of the world's premier board manufacturer, Starboard.

Jim Drake
The Alliance's technical director, known in most circles as the father of windsurfing, an aeronautical engineer one of whose designs, the X-15, still holds the speed record for a manned aircraft.

Jeff Howard
A Gulf Coast Texan, a kite designer and builder with top ranked kite board talents and imaginative technical assessment instincts.

Rush Randle
A Hawaii based waterman of incomparable gifts with kites, windsurfers, hydrofoils, longboards, etc. having contributed new ideas to all of them.

Mike Birt
A British top kite boarder, with unusual insights in testing and analysis as well as exhibition.

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