This kite is a full blooded powerhouse for the enthusiast with every feature now incorporated in any kite on the water. It triples as an entry level and trainer. It carries you on a journey of discovery through every stage of development. Flights. Loops. Competition. Everything.

The power zone is deep and friendly. The edges are soft and predictable. Upwind is never feared. It's a skill acquired and enjoyed. As you accelerate and the power zone rotates off, these kites tuck themselves comfortably in the corner of the upwind drive position. Bear off for speed, send the kite up and be prepared to leave the water behind. This is the stuff dreams and tales are made of.

The most unique feature of the ATV is its control system. Your only problem is choosing which of two configurations suits you for the day. One is simplicity itself with adjustments for winds, waves and skill level made on the beach. The other allows for powering and de-powering on the water either for trim or for active control in varying conditions. The kite itself remains unchanged; either control system taps the kite's full performance potential.

From the beach the ATV with its modest span is quickly launched, helped either by a handful of sand or the hand of a friend. From the water the ATV is a docile and obedient servant due to the generous bouyancy of the leading edge and tip struts. Once the wind coaxes it around, however, it soars quickly aloft with renewed vigor. Some say itŐs happy to be back where it belongs.


Model ATV 4.0 ATV 5.7 ATV 7.6 ATV 9.8
Surface Area (m2) 4.2 6.4 9.2 11.8
Wind Range
25-40 20-34 15-28 10-20
(measured flat)
Span (m)
3.6 5.0 6.2 7.4
(measured flat)
Center Spar (m)
1.80 1.87 2.00 2.15
(without lines)
Weight (kg)
1.09 1.63 2.23 2.93

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