These are the kites that make advanced sailors into experts and make winners out of mere competitors. Power, maneuverability and control are their attributes. Pull in the trim and you have an obidient but scarey hurricane in your hands.

The power zone is exceptionally wide and deep. The sweet spot in the corner drives upwind with suprising ease. Bear off, gain speed, edge and then dig deep in the power zone for big air. Reaching, close or broad, racing or cruising, its exhilerating. And running before the wind is devine. Even getting back upwind is pleasant.

All the while, the four lines - "strings" to some - trim to whatever wind and wave conditions you may have. And in uncertain or gusty conditions the range of power - de-power smoothes out awkward situations. From the beach, the LIFT climbs to clear air like a homesick angel. From the water, the buoyancy of the leading edge and the tips provide time and position for the wind forces to maneuver the kite naturally into its relaunching position. Once there, it's up


Model LIFT 7.4 LIFT 9.4 LIFT 12.2 LIFT 16.0
Surface Area (m2) 8.8 11.2 15.2 19.4
Wind Range
17-32 12-25 9-17 7-14
(measured flat)
Span (m)
6.2 8.0 10.0 12.5
(measured flat)
Center Spar (m)
1.80 1.78 1.90 1.95
(without lines)
Weight (kg)
2.01 2.56 3.42 4.39

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