Airush introduces two new design concepts to the world of kites:

LIFT for the expert

ATV for the enthusiast
Airush kites represent the state of the art in performance kiteboarding wings. This has resultet from design collaboration spread over 3 continents, utilizing superior CAD/CAM technology.

We started with a completely fresh approach to design and created an exciting blend of aerodynamic sophistication and rock-solid construction. This has created a power-plant of unsurpassed performance AND durability.

The air is yours!

Tuned Aspect Ratio
  • The aspect ratio has been tuned to produce uniform control characteristics over the entire range of kite sizes.

Foil sections
  • Vary from center to tips to maximize lift-to-drag ratio.
  • Stability resulting from moderate shape placed well forward and subtle reverse at the leach.
  • Change in profile from wing tip to center. Kite turns by accelerating one wing, rather than stalling one wing. This allows full extraction of power in the turn.

Leading edge
  • Engineered for maximum rigidity, and designed to promote flow attachment at all angles of attack. Increased structural rigidity provides
  • instantaneous transfer of power. Correct radius of curvature prevents uncontrolled luffing and generates unparalleled upwind ability.

Taper Ratio
  • The relationship between wing tip width, and maximum central width determines responsiveness. This relationship has been tuned for every size and model to deliver optimum performance.


Structure and aerodynamics
  • Combine for state-of-the-art performance of the Lift and ATV.

Power Zone
  • Smooth and predictable from the horizon to the upwind edge.

Power Area
  • Equivalent to the square meter rating used in sails.
  • Maximized for every model. Measured in flight to confirm aerodynamic and structural performance.
  • Entered in the specifications for each model - see below.

Rigidity and shape
  • Prevents uncontrolled luffing, stopping the kite from flying up and over.
  • Generates unparalled pointing and breathtaking elevation.
  • No hint of "nodding" forwards and backwards or "puffing" in and out.

  • When power is needed, dive deep into the pocket.
  • When power is not required, relax. The kite, LIFT or ATV, takes care of itself.


Flat seamed panels
  • Strong glued and triple stitched seams enable superior load dispersion. No 'tear along the dotted line' effect, as per standard folded seams.
  • AIRUSH utilize this seaming technique on ALL sail seams, and ALL strut to sail connections.

  • Blends fabrics for the required rigitity at the lightest weight.
  • 48 gram ripstop polyester for the main canopy.
  • 120 gram polyester laminate for the tips.

Leading edge casing
  • Serious attention has been given to the structural seams on the leading edge. Reinforcing tape has been glued, then stitched to the casing, before being rolled around monofilament and double stitched. This provides long term durability, and peace of mind.
  • Analysis of the pressure distribution in the leading edge has shown that a fluent curve has the most even pressure distribution. This is better than a segment curve, wich has uneven pressure distribution where the straight sections meet. AIRUSH kites have a fluent curve on the top AND bottom of the leading edge.

  • Flat seamed to the casing for stability and strength.

2-ply leech
  • A critical part of the kite. The leech, once stretched, causes the kite to sit further back in the wind window, thereby greatly reducing upwind ability and boosting potential. We have addressed this issue by incorporating a reinforcing layer at the leech.

Wing Tip Battens
  • Battens maintain constant distance between control points, even when under extreme load. This ensures a consistent feel and responsiveness.

These kites make advanced sailors into experts and winners out of mere competitors. Attributes include exceptional power, manouverability and control. Pull in the trim and you have an obedient but scary hurricane in your hands.

The power zone is exceptionally wide and deep. The sweet spot in the corner drives upwind with surprising ease. Bear off, gain speed, edge and then dig deep in the power zone for big air. Reaching, racing or cruising, it's exhilirating. Running downwind is divine. Even getting back upwind is pleasant. In gusty conditions the de-power range smoothes out akward situations. From the beach, the Lift climbs to clear air like a homesick angel. On the water, buoyancy at the leading edge and tips enables easy relaunching.

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