Our team includes the ultimate in terms of both construction and performance testing:
Jimmy Lewis
The well known gifted board designer, whose sailboards and kiteboards are ridden by the world's top professionals, is delivering a new line of twelve kite boards. These shapes are built under the supervision of the world's premier board manufacturer, Starboard.
Jeff Howard
A Gulf Coast Texan, a kite designer and builder with top ranked kite board talents and imaginative technical assessment instincts.
Rush Randle
A Hawaii based waterman of incomparable gifts with kites, windsurfers, hydrofoils, longboards, etc. having contributed new ideas to all of them.
Ben Severne
Ben is not only designing functional kites, but also of understanding how to make them user - friendly while living up to his high performance demands.
Brett Lickle
Brett understands the technology that makes designs work and is has kept and eye on the board construction and binding designs.
Mauricio Abreu
Mauricio Abreau is always looking good.
Andy Wirtz
Andy Wirtz keeps giving the best feedback from the North Sea.
Mike Birt
Mike Birt is a premier UK kiteboarder.

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