Airush Wakestyle boards were the first to be made in a specific technology dedicated to kiteboarding. Extensive development has been made on strength, stiffness and weight parameters, but also on dynamic flex characteristics with respect to the thickness of the board and tail. Heavyweight testing has proven Airush boards to be the strongest, with the construction now widely renowned for its bombproof durability.

Wake Construction

Heavy duty Unidirectional glass wraps a Coremat reinforced PU core, followed by a second layer of 160g glass and carbon weave. Sandwiched between the two is a broad carbon/wood reinforcement, and rails protected in Kevlar. A fine top-sheet wraps the entire board, protecting the laminate from dings and scratches, and giving a smooth, tactile finish.

direction/switch classic

Drawing from years of board design experience, the Airush Directionals' and Switch Classic's construction combines the best of exotic materials in a unique way. Starting with a lightweight EPS core wrapped in military grade glass weave, the laminate features a 3mm full PVC sandwich, under a heavy-duty layer of glass. The board is heavily reinforced in the critical midsection, and rail-wrapping layers of wood, glass & carbon protect the heel areas.

Directional Construction


Airush continues to lead in innovation with another first: a second dedicated kiteboarding technology. The Switch's construction combines the best of Wakestyle and Directional construction. Like the Directionals, their thickness allows for a lightweight EPS core to be used, combined with a full PVC sandwich laminate. They feature the same lay-up and reinforcement as the Directionals, but are manufactured in the same high-pressure compression technology as the Wakestyles to improve strength and durability. Like the Wakestyles, a smooth, tactile top-sheet finishes the board.

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