Jimmy Lewis began to making the first-ever specialized wakeboards for kiteboarding years ago. He now presents his new generation of thinner and narrower boards. They track better upwind due to the straighter outline and super thin rails. Like Jimmy's custom boards our new boards have increased flex towards the ends, so that when you load the rail, the rocker line curves a bit more, giving the board more control and grip. Last year we launched the first ever production Wakestyle boards, and have now refined a production technique enabling us to bring the weight down to the bare minimum. This reduces the swing weight for fast moves like tantrums. On the water these wakeboards are far more stable at speed, giving an advantage to load up the edge and boost more air. All the boards have fin sizes calibrated according to their specific width and thickness.

Wake Style 137
The 137 is best suited for lighter riders or higher winds. It is an exceptionally comfortable board for stronger stance switches and short sharp turns. It has an especially balanced feel for even leg weight distribution. The 137 is the most controllable of all, and Jimmy's board of choice.

Wake Style 141
The 141 is the favourite for speed and jumps; at top speed it is the most stable and is awesome for power riding. Surely Mike Birt's choice.

Wake Style 151
The 151 is more suitable for heavier riders or riders who want to use slightly less power. It is stable but still has a great level of grip. The added planing area makes it ideal for medium powered riders or heavy weights.

Wake Style 161
The 161 is a wakeboard that requires minimal power but still gives the loose wake feel of smaller boards. Ideal for first time wakeboarders, heavyweights or less consistent wind conditions.

Model 137 141 151 161
Length (cm) 137 141 151 161
Width (cm) 35.6 36.8 38.2 39.3
nose/tail Scoop (cm) 2.5 / 2.5 2.7 / 2.7 2.9 / 2.9 3.4 / 3.4
Volume (liters) 5 6 7 8
+-5% Weight (kg) 2.5 2.6 3.0 3.4
Front fin (x2) CM-W 2.6 CM-W 3.0 CM-W 3.2 CM-W 3.5
Rear fin (x2) CM-W 2.6 CM-W 3.0 CM-W 3.2 CM-W 3.5

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